Here you will find the full list of services offered by Airco Engineering Ltd including any examples of work and full descriptions

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PLC Software Design

The software that we design is always fully documented throughout with all necessary I/O & communication schedules to allow ease of modification & expansion at a later date. more →

Logic Controllers & HMI´s

Allen Bradley/ Rockwell Automation we have a wide experience of PLC5, SLC500, MicroLogix, ContoLogix, CompactLogix... more →

SCADA Interface & Configuration

We have experience with a range of SCADA systems,RSView, RSView32, FactoryViewME & Factory ViewSE more →

Industrial Network Configuration

We have experience of the following industrial networks, ControlNet, DeviceNet... more →

FDS & Electrical Design

Airco Engineering has extensive experience of producing User Requirement Specificatioms ( URS) & Functional Design Specifications (FDS). more →

Commissioning & Maintenance Services

We can provide commissioning assistance for PLC installation, Network installation, SCADA/HMI configuration, instrumentation configuration & set up. We have a wide experience of interfacing instruments to PLC systems. more →

Examples of the type of work we do

type of work we do chassie based equipment chassie based example PLC PLC examples PLC examples

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